Katie Buckman-Rodriguez

Cat Lady

Hi! I'm Katie. I have been working with animals since I was 13 years old, starting out as a rescue volunteer at adoption events. I began working at a boarding kennel when I was 17 and have stayed in the animal field ever since. When I was employed there, two week old kittens were found and I took them home to bottle feed and raise them. They are currently 13 years old. Once I went back to work at my vet's office about 6 years ago, I found myself offering to help kittens that were coming in as orphans with no place to go. Since that time 6 years ago, I've been able to rescue and rehome upwards of 80 kittens on my own. This past year, I finally decided to make it a little more official and start "BabyCats". This past year alone in 2018, I've rescued and adopted out 42 kittens. It is my greatest passion in life to be able to help as many as I can. I have an wonderful veterinary team behind me, providing wonderful care to all of my kittens.  I have a patient husband who understands my need to do this. And I have a houseful of my own animals that all help socialize and get the kittens ready for new homes. I have 8 cats of my own and 3 dogs, so I'm always busy taking care of something. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get to know this little piece of me.


Burt Macklin, FBI

Director of Kitten Operations

Burt Macklin is a one year old Great Pyrenees. He came to my family in February of 2018, my true dream dog. I have wanted a Pyr since I was about 7 years old and was finally able to have one. He absolutely loves the kittens and is a wonderful dog to socialize them with. Not only is he large, he's also loud. It's a great introduction for kittens who may go live with dogs in their new homes. He will clean them and let them snuggle up in his fur. Kittens are his absolute favorite thing and I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful guardian for my baby cats.



Professional Kitten Sitter

Chomper came to me through a client that had found him under a trailer. He was skinny and covered in ringworm. However, the second I picked him up, I knew he was a keeper. He has not stopped purring since the day I got him. He's two years old and LOVES to be in with the baby kittens when they are old enough to play. He's a good teacher and gets them started on their good cat manners. He also likes to steal kitten food but I figure it's a fair price to pay him for his services.