BabyCats Kitten Rescue

A 501c3 rescue dedicated to helping kittens and pregnant strays in North Carolina.

At BabyCats Kitten Rescue we’re working to save orphan kittens in North Carolina. While our main focus is orphan babies, bottle babies and young litters of kittens, we will also take in pregnant moms so they have a safe, warm place to raise their babies.

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We rescue homeless, orphan kittens and heavily pregnant queens in North Carolina. Most of our kitties come to us from around the community when people reach out for help with stray cats or kittens. We are working to help as many as we can, although there is never a shortage of kitties in need.

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Animal rescue work is a labor of love, but it also costs money. We can't rescue without being able to pay vet bills for every babycat and momma that we save. Rescues are successful because of you, people who want to help. We understand that not everyone can foster animals but that you want to help in any way you can. If you'd like to help us, you can donate through our PayPal account. Our mommas always need to be spayed and everyone is vaccinated, tested for FIV/leukemia and treated for any intestinal parasites or any other medical treatment they may need. 

Your donations go straight to their supplies and medical bills. 


At BabyCats Kitten Rescue, we are dedicated to making sure our babycats experience everything they can to ensure healthy, well socialized kittens. Our Amazon WISHLIST is a great place to see what supplies we need to take care of these babies. We are ALWAYS in need of litter, food and blankets/beds. You can donate through the link below - it's a great way to help them that allows you to pick out something special for them.

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